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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Education: reform of the reform?


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Education: reform of the reform? – Repetition: a French specialty – Bonus-Malus – the big cheating – Training: reform of the reform? We have already mentioned this on the reform of training several times in this column as a result of about Nicolas Sarkozy during a ceremony vows. As this speech was not explicit, it was therefore delivered to a work of exegesis. Will he only cosmetic improvements or real "reform of the reform". The minister homework help
, in his statements, bent to the first interpretation, but others went further. We remember such proposals Rector of Versailles, Alain Boissinot, which evoked sharper developments in training. For Gilles Baillat President CDIUFM (Conference of Directors of IUFM) interviewed by the site no doubt, the reform of the reform began. "The words of the President of the Republic represents for us the official recognition that the implementation of the reform does not go as expected and that the locking elements have emerged. What the head of state called the practical training referred to us the professionalism, linked to the existence of courses, but also in how these courses are articulated with the rest of the training. It is not only by make-shift students that we will turn them into teachers. It’s a little more complicated than that. But for us, the statement of Nicolas Sarkozy announced in effect clearly the reopening of the site. ". It offers in this new context of work on several tracks, but all based on a return of alternation but could be located either in M1 and M2 or just in a second year Master but which would split. These proposals are also found in the summary on this complex subject proposed by Luke Cedelle in Le Monde (accessible text only to subscribers). To "reform the reform", the main track is followed so that the strengthening of internships prior to the competition by the master students who intend to teach. But as everything is connected, it also would require a redefinition of the role of competition. that it could be placed at the end of the first year of Master (M1) instead of the beginning of the second year (M2). This system would lead to a de facto system of "pre-recruitment" since only eligible students would access the alternation. The article Cedelle evokes little but you can also add it is not enough to change the date of the competition, we should also change the content. Currently the competitions provided (in the 2nd degree) leave no room to pedagogy and very little didactic. If one wants the competition both on upstream training, it is necessary that the dimension "job" is more present in contests that are presently built solely on the accumulation of knowledge. Certainly essential but not sufficient to make a teacher. For it must be remembered the: teaching is a craft that is learned … Repetition: a French specialty Le Figaro devotes a dossier to repetition. The daily is based on a European study (Eurydice) offering a comparative study of this practice in different European countries. In France, it is 23.5% of 15 year old students who have repeated at least once in college. This just puts us behind Belgium and Spain tops the rankings. At the primary school, 17.8% in France shows repetition rates when Greece is 2% and Austria 4.9% .A note that the statistic applies to all schooling is a student in two in France who has doubled. The automatic transition only exists in a few countries: Iceland, Norway, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom. Others try mostly to limit repetition by various means. The study counted five to six countries followers of a high repetition, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal, "the idea that repeating a year is beneficial for learning the student remains very present, "notes the study also points out that this view is shared by the faculty, the school community and parents themselves. Yet the debate on repetition is not new. According to various surveys Pisa, which measure the performance of students of fifteen years, the countries with the best performance are also those that have greatly reduced. Institut Montaigne to the Court of Auditors, all reports converge. "90% of children repeating in CP no longer have any academic perspective. No other school system soon laid the foundations of social inequality and despair ", recently denounced Bigorne Lawrence, of the Institut Montaigne. Another article in the same folder evokes some ways to avoid repetition. For example, evokes the multi-age classes to reason really in cycles. Many other initiatives revolve around the idea of ??remediation and support for students. This implies small numbers but also better trained teachers to offer a truly differentiated instruction noted in this article Claude Seibel. For the former director of the statistics department at the Ministry of Education, "teachers should learn during their training to deal with the heterogeneity of levels and change their look on the students. Many teachers believe in fact that success for all is not possible, "" Bonus-malus. Lower the repetition is good. But there are methods completely against-productive. According to Ouest-France, Calvados, the school inspector (AI) used radical means. This is actually a bonus-malus system applied to establishments: + repeaters = fewer hours. – repeaters = + hours. Asked by Humanity which also describes this initiative, the IA explains "Until more you limit the repetition, the more you’re penalized, repetition artificially increasing staff. It is therefore retrieve hours, somehow, are due. " But the perverse effect noted by several observers is that the penalty may mechanically cause the loss of some features of individual care of students. One method that is somewhat reminiscent of Gosplan of the planned economies of the last century and which may be carrier more negative effects than positive effects … the big cheating in the educational events of this week, it should be noted the rostrum Sylvain GRANDSERRE the Pedagogical Cafe website. In the text entitled "The largest cheating in the history of national education! "The" schoolmaster (as he likes to call himself) returns to the feedback of CM2. For him, they were originally set up to "assign a success rate at each school for the advent of a large school market towards which we are moving." But this has further complicated this year with the "cheat" that has spread. And he lists "-the parents who surf the net to discover in preview the content of books in order to best achieve their offspring. Children who are forced to the last minute cramming at home or in class. Teachers who, for fear of being misjudged, are circumventing the constraints targeted revisions in class and at home, first chance to draft before delivery to own, totally exceeded allotted time, aid prohibited yet made, reading aloud the text reading comprehension, written solutions to the table in the form of multiple choice questions, correcting gum in hand to change the response. " And he rebels: these cheats were not worried. "No, the only ones to have attention are those in all honesty and transparency refused, sometimes with the support of courageous parents to participate in this great charade.". It therefore calls for those who opposed it were not punished. Good reading… ——————————————— – of 23/02/11 (some paid items) the phrase "we must get out of this logic, where for twenty-five years, we are told, when there are problems in Education, that we must add positions and resources. "Luc Chatel, Minister of Education on Monday night in Guadeloupe, where 155 teaching posts will be removed in the coming year Read more of the article sales. 15% is the school enrollment rate of less than 3 years in September 2009, against 35% in September 2000, according to the High Council for the Family, an organization chaired by the Prime Minister. Read more of the article In Tunisia, the revolution made school in Tunisia, some are still struggling to make the revolution. Take principals. Under Ben Ali, had to be a member of the ruling party, the RCD (Constitutional Democratic Rally), never going on strike or have reported by any critics and finally relay the words of official order. The headmaster depended on the "local representative", itself dependent on the regional governor, the government of the relay, so the President. Read more of the article Call of 47: "Why do I refer my Academic Palms" Making its Academic Palms is a symbolic act. This decoration is the oldest distinctions awarded. It is intended to honor the personal merits of Education. Michel Ascher headmaster in a school in Lille now retired, is the first to have returned to Luc Chatel. Read more of the article Suspended for a "Casse-toi pauvre con" A teacher of the French school in Cairo, who had descended on Tahrir Square on February 1 with a banner "break-toi pauvre con" for President Mubarak, was repatriated to France and suspended by Read more of the article The State ordered to compensate a child victim of violence in schools The State was ordered to compensate a child victim of violence in a primary school of Herault, whose parents reproached teachers inaction, did on Thursday with their lawyer, confirming press reports. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 23/02/11 Grade repetition increasingly challenged France would champion the practice of the education system, which is explained mainly by cultural reasons. Read more of the article School: initiatives to manage students lagging behind a number of alternative systems to repeating as educational support to college or tutoring in primary, are set up in recent years. Read more of the article Repetition divided Dear experts and parents, inefficient … Some education experts condemn without really propose an alternative. Read more of the article colleges that have too many repeaters sanctioned In Calvados, the lowest performing schools could lose credit hours. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the (some paid items) of 23/02/11 In Calvados, a penalty will be applied to colleges that are too redouble "bonus-malus". The Calvados academy inspector rejects the term, but it has the merit of being clear. To distribute the means of 2011-2012 between colleges department, Jean-Charles Huchet decided to consider the repetition. Institutions who abuse will be penalized: they will lose up to ten hours of annual allocation. Those, on the contrary, will avoid a "bonus" of up to six hours. Read more of the article In philosophy, are you rather Simpsons or Star Trek? Logic, epistemology, history of philosophy, ethics … The philosophy course, you know. In the United States, alongside these classic courses will invite a little strange during … Read More of Article Proposals to re-site teacher training (subscribers edition) Effective since September 2010 the reform of teacher education must, one way or another, be changed. The winners of educational contests are now deprived of the transition year dual training they performed under the responsibility of the university institutes of education (IUFM). But directly placing these beginners to students, to use, satisfies no one. Read more from the article "I floundering, but nobody find it abnormal" (subscribers edition) In The World dated October 9, 2010, she related the difficulties of re-entry without prior training. Unfair programs, students who are agitated, parents who criticize. Six months later, nothing has really changed for the young trainee teacher, we’ll call Louise not to endanger his tenure. Read more of the article Various functions of the educational project in turbulence There vigils more joyful holiday. Thursday, February 10, in the electrical workshop high school Romain Rolland, the headmaster and his deputy discontinued during the first BELEEC to evoke a "behavior problem." The goal of the intervention was to make students understand that although they are a "class project", unique in high school, they are not treated differently. There will be temporary exclusions. The vice principal has even threatened to entrust the illumination of the court, the heart of the project to another class. The educational project has become a major argument when these "developed" disciplinary. Read more of the article Social Opening in Higher Education: that effort yet to figures from the Observatory of student life in his 2011 edition of its report on the part of children "managers and professionals higher "in the various sectors are clear: they monopolize 52% of seats in management and 49% in health, the two most difficult channels of access for students from low-income families, while they account for only 8, 8% of the population. As for the children of workers and employees, the survey OVE point that they are "under-represented in all of higher education and in all types of studies, with the notable exception STS and IFSI (note: nursing training), where they account for 44% and 42% of the workforce. " Read more of the article Mom, can you lend me your wrinkle cream? His name GeoGirl, the tone. World number of large retailers, Wal-Mart is set to launch in late February, a line of cosmetics for girls aged 8 to 12 years. Mascaras, lipsticks, eyeshadows, cleansing creams, but also antioxidant believed to prevent aging skin: the line contains 69 products that want all natural (chamomile, lavender, calendula, etc.), paraben and phthalate-free to seduce moms concerned about the health of their children. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- Humanity Calvados 23/02/11: a "penalty" for bad colleges Calvados colleges that have a lot of repeaters are assigned fewer hours of instruction for September 2011 as the others, to encourage them to reduce the number of repetitions, does said Monday at the school inspector. Read more of the article Funding of colleges: the withdrawal of the state October 17, the Departmental Assembly of the Seine-Saint-Denis voted exceptional investment plan for colleges, but almost half ( construction of 6 new colleges and reconstructions 5) is envisaged in public-private partnership, for 324 million euros. Read more of the article Azur & Asmar: the lullaby that wakes chauvinists One teacher wanted to learn a Franco-Arab song to his students. Some parents yell invasion. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien (some paid items) of 23/02/11 ———————– Nothing see … —————————– France Soir 23/02/11 in the country of Candy … the children are bored not the agricultural Fair is an opportunity for children to experience a variety of activities around animals. But this year the star of the show is Candy Cow Vosges race Thomas. went for a walk in the aisles to collect the reactions of our little ones. Read More Article courses: Make the right choices Mission abroad, working holiday visa, international civic service: Alternatives to expensive language courses are numerous. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 23/02/11 in Portugal, private schools fear the end of subsidies While Portugal austerity budget reduces funding to private schools, group of parents, supported by the church, calling for guaranteed free choice of education Read more of the article choosing the right language course for her child every year thousands of young people go abroad to improve their language skills. A trip to prepare to avoid unpleasant surprises. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– echoes (some paid items) of 23/02/11 the chambers of commerce call for the development of learning in vocational schools Nearly 38,000 apprentices currently complete their education in a vocational school. Insufficient, according to ACFCI. The government remains cautious because the topic is politically sensitive. Read more of the article The resilience of learning As the government prepares for next month measures to revive the alternation is a record that stands out as an inventory before reform. In 2010, 435 400 entries in learning or professional devices have been identified, according to the latest statistics recently published by the Ministry of Labor. This is more or less the level that was reached in 2009. The crisis therefore did not cause the collapse as feared. But it remains below the 2008 record level If this had been retained, some 42,000 more young people could enter the circuit last year. The adaptation of the education system could be one of the key topics of the reform in preparation to boost learning. Permanent Assembly of Chambers of Commerce wants to convert vocational schools to alternating Read more of the article The number of alternating stabilized in 2010 In 2010, the Labor Ministry has registered 435,400 entries in learning or professional contract, either more or less the same level as in 2009. It will have missed more than 40,000 contracts to find the record of the end of 2008. Read more of the article Obama stressed the importance of education and training US President Barack Obama stressed on Saturday the importance there is to improve education and training, especially in mathematics and science as a means to maintain in the future of America’s competitiveness. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 23/02/11 Nothing seen … ——————————– —————- 23/02/11 Rue89 the University opens (at last) its doors to students disoriented They are on time. A little ahead, even: 8:24, when we are in the middle of February vacation. The Cergy-Pontoise university hall is charged with second pupils, about a hundred awaiting the distribution of hot drinks. They squat in small groups or alone with their mp3 player (a few days, it’s sometimes a bit just to make friends). The week of February 14, these students qualified "volunteers" or "courageous" and living in the area around the campus Neuville-sur-Oise, participated in a "winter school". Slogan: "The university is not complicated. "Four days between summer camp and open days so that students and faculty get to know, and maybe more. In the morning, they participate in SPM, know-career-trades. In the afternoon, a holiday taste: tree climbing on the leisure or creative workshops. "And it’s all free," said one of them. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 23/02/11 the fit of anger principals and main Nantes – They demonstrated in front of the rectory yesterday. Reduced means reforms are impossible to implement, Ministerial Directions: cutting responsible for secondary schools is full. Read more of the article Too many repeaters: fewer hours in September In Calvados, it "sugar" hours of courses to colleges where one makes more educational redoubler.Incitation or otherwise delete posts? Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 23/02/11 Nothing seen … —————————— ———- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 23/02/11 ————————- Nothing seen … ————— the of 23/02/11 47 academic Palms made at the national Education Teachers, principals, inspectors call to return the "purple decoration" the ministry to protest against government policy in education. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Teaching of Cafe 23/02/11 a draft law proposes to create the School of the common core Frederic Reiss and Jacques Grosperrin propose a bill to experiment with "public institutions of common ground." Are these structures that carry the ideas of core knowledge and skills? Read more of the article Monthly Coffee debates between February and achievements The new monthly coffee talks about the political debates about the school. It also shows, in each discipline, the achievements of teachers. Read more of the article The largest cheating in the history of national education! The big cheating for Sylvain GRANDSERRE , school teacher and author of "Open letter to the Minister of Education" are the ratings CM2. It calls for those opposed to it will not be punished. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 23/02/11 Nothing seen … ——————————- ————— of 23/02/11 Nothing seen … ——————— ————————- EducPros of 23/02/11 in Strasbourg, the graduate school "life and health" plays Experts with the terminal S to restore the image of the life sciences among high school students, the graduate school "life and health" of the University of Strasbourg (Saarland) organizes practical work in the manner of the American series CSI. Launched three years ago, "Operation OpenLab" should reach this year almost all of the S option SVT terminal in Alsace, or 1,200 students. Read more of the article What offers the UNEF for the new license Nearly 1.5 million young people (60%) studying at university in France, including 850,000 in license courses. Among these students, half fail in the first year and every year 17% leave without qualifications. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- 23/02/11 VousNousIls of Luc Chatel in Martinique in a tense social climate Minister of Education Luc Chatel continued Tuesday its movement in the West Indies in Martinique where the academy announced 239 job cuts for the next school year, taking care to avoid crossing a procession of protesters gathered in Inter. Read more of the article Gilles Baillat: "The construction of teacher training is reopened" Voices of growing amounted to admit the shortcomings of the reform of teacher training. Latest, the President of the Republic has announced his intention to receive teacher organizations about it. For Gilles Baillat President CDIUFM, reform of the reform began. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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